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Voice of Liberia is an independent media institution established to provide accurate and balance news and information including development initiatives to the Liberian populace including the world over with the aim to increase their knowledge and understanding about happenings in Liberia and its surroundings. Voice of Liberia is duly accredited by the Government of Liberia to operate as a media institution both on FM service (104.1 in Monrovia and 89.7 in Kakata, Margibi County) and online: .

Our broadcast also highlights educational, health, agriculture,culture and the rule of law  including entertainment programs with keen interest to produce holistic educational and enlightenment programs related to the culture and people of Liberia. VOL was established in December 2020. Currently, the stations broadcast to ten of Liberia’s 15 counties and across the world through our online radio service. 


VoL mission seeks to promote and defend the ideals of democracy, openness, mutual understanding, and respect amongst individuals and communities.  It is aimed at promoting peace and human security, transparency and accountability in governance, regional economic integration, and social and cultural development in and around Liberia. Through its programs, VoL seeks to offer a platform for the diversity of opinions, with the view to fostering understanding among the population and between them and their government. 

The radio is ready to work with NGOs, companies, Businesses, UN agencies, regional organizations, civil society and advocacy groups to extend its technical, knowledge and resource base, and step up the impact of its programs and its capacity to foster positive change in an open, free and democratic society.