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“We Have Made No Decision On Run-off” …ALCOP Representative And Senatorial Candidates Disclose; Say They Are Holding Consultations To Provide Direction In The Best Interest Of Liberia And Its Citizens

Several defeated Representatives and Senatorial candidates who contested the October 10 elections on the ticket of the All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP) say they have not resolved to support a particular political party during the presidential run-election, despite the holding of consultations by the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) with the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the opposition Unity Party (UP).

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of President George Manneh Weah and Unity Party (UP) of Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai are expected to go to the run-off on November 7.

The run-off was triggered due to the failure of both parties to accumulate 50 percent plus one vote in keeping with the 1986 Liberian Constitution.

In a statement issued in Monrovia on Monday, October 23, the ALCOP Representatives and Senatorial candidates pointed out that as committed and influential leaders in their respective counties and districts who acquired more than 100,000 votes they remain a significant and determining factor to decide the next President of Liberia.

They noted that their supporters have reposed their trust and confidence in them to provide direction for the presidential run-off elections.

“We the ALCOP Candidates Caucus 2023 want to assure and reassure our people in our constituencies, abundantly, emphatically and crystal clear that we have made no decision as individual or organization as to which party to support in this upcoming run-off elections.”

The ALCOP Representative and Senatorial candidates further distance themselves from any commitment that would be made by any organization or the party on their behalf.

They maintained that because of the sensitivity of these elections, they are holding vigorous consultations and in the soonest possible time, they will provide a definite direction to their supporters in their respective counties and districts.

They believed that these consultations will guide and provide a way forward for them to inform their constituents who to support during the presidential run-off elections.

Meanwhile, the ALCOP Representative and Senatorial candidates have vowed to ensure that the decision reached following the ongoing consultations would be in the interest of the Liberia and the masses.

Those who signed the statement include: Ishmael M. Sheriff (Montserrado District # 8), Lawrenso Paye Korquoi (Nimba County Senatorial Candidate), Amos D. S. Barbu, Jr. (Bong County Senatorial Candidate), Abubakar Bah (Montserrado District # 7), Joseph Williamson (Montserrado District # 15), Ralph Kenny (Montserrado District # 3), and Mark T. Williams (Bong District  # 5).

Others are: Morris Salia Nyei (Grand Cape Mount Senatorial Candidate), Ansu V. Corneh (Montserrado District # 16), Richard G. Sumo (Montserrado District # 4), Marcus Banda (Bong District # 6), Kasumu M. Sillah (Bong District # 3), Pero M. K. Kerkula (Montserrado District # 17), Idrissa Kaba (Montserrado Senatorial Candidate) and J. Omasco Sensee Karmo (Bomi District # 2).

The rest are: “Samuka M. Konneh (Montserrado District # 5), Eric Opa Doue (Rivercess District # 2), George G. Cisco (Rivercess District # 1), Boima and Varney Senwah (Grand Cape Mount District # 2).

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