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Friday, January 12th, 2024


Liberia: Lack of Support And Training Undercut Women’s Political Participation

Liberia: Lack of Support And Training Undercut Women’s Political Participation Amb.-Daintowon-Domah-Pay-Bayee Liberia is a tiny country situated in West Africa with a population of approximately 5.193 million, referencing the country’s 2022 National Population and Housing Census. The journey for the inclusion of women in politics is long and complex. For instance in 1946, historical accounts showed that there were “three categories of women in Liberia – the settlers who owned property and were thus qualified to vote; poor settler women who did not have property and were excluded from voting;Read More

Liberia: Uncovering the nightmare of women in Politics -The Tale of a lone female who contested against 12 male candidates

Marvelene-M.H.-Lepukoi Since its independence in 1847, women representation in politics continues to be on a downward trend despite producing Africa’s first woman elected head of state—Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf [2006-2017]. Although there are no legislated gender quotas in Liberia; Sirleaf broke the glass ceiling to get elected in 2005 thereby working toward ensuring women’s representation is increased to a significant number especially in the  cabinet and at the Legislature. However her departure from national politics following two constitutional terms resulted in the downward trend of women’s representation in Liberian politics referencing theRead More

Liberia: Profiling A Rural Woman Who Lost Everything For Politics

Ms. Annie-Toe   27-year-old Annie Toe, popularly known as the female general; resides in Bomi County, Western Liberia about 51 kilometers drive away from the Capital Monrovia. Like many rural women here, Annie’s upbringing was very difficult as her parents struggled to have her educated. As a teenager, she was forced to assume full responsibility for herself as she opted to choose the path of politics. “I have been involved in national politics since 2017 and my decision to get into politics is to the role of women; especially ruralRead More

 Non-compliant Public Officials -LACC Brands Several Outgoing Officials

The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission has released the names of several outgoing officials of government who are non-compliant to Section 10.1 of Liberia’s 2014 Code of Conduct to declare Assets and Personal interest. Section 5.2 (o) of the amended and restated Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) Act of 2022 enshrines the responsibility of the LACC in executing Liberia’s Asset Declaration and Verification Regime. The LACC Act defines the function of the LACC for asset declaration as: “To institute and operate the assets declaration and verification regimes of the Government of Liberia, pursuantRead More