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Liberia: Notorious Scammer Acquitted But…

A notorious and popularly scammer identified as George B. Wade alias Nicholas Jack Davis has been acquitted by Criminal Court “D” of  the crime of Armed Robbery.

Davis, who is said to have multiple indictments hanging over his head, was acquitted after the prosecution failed to provide evidence linking the accused to armed robbery.

Delivering the verdict, Judge Mamietta Jabateh-Sireleaf said prosecution did not establish its allegations to convict the accused.

According to Judge Jabateh-Sireleaf, prosecution also failed to sustain the principle of burden of proof by not providing a single iota of evidence in order to convict the defendant.

In criminal proceedings, prima facie evidence is sufficient to support a conviction in favor of the party introducing it when no evidence has been produced in rebuttal, the Judge said.

Judge Jabateh-Sireleaf ruled based on witnesses’ testimonies which could not link the Defendant Jack Davis to the allegation of armed robbery.

The judge insists that statements and testimonies made by prosecution witnesses contained lots of inconsistencies and inherent contradiction which is not sufficient to establish the guilt of the defendant in the premise.

“It is well noted that our Criminal Procedure law imposes on occurrence of evidence to the State the obligation not only to show by preponderant and establish the guilt of the defendant but also to meet the standard of proof,” the Judge said.

Meanwhile, following his acquittal, the defendant was charged with allegation of rape and taken to the Monrovia Central Prison awaiting prosecution.

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