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Liberia: Female Feeds Police Officers To Enforce Motorcycle Restriction

Sinkor, Monrovia – May 31, 2024: Showcasing her admiration for the workings of the Liberia National Police during its current operation to enforce cyclist restrictions, Sonnie Kollie, a concerned female Liberian, spearheaded a donation drive to provide food and water for Liberia National Police officers stationed at various checkpoints across the city. Madam Kollie’s initiative, launched on May 17, 2024, gained widespread support from both local residents and international donors, resulting in a substantial contribution of 500 plates of food, 50 sacks of plastic water, and 50 sacks of bottled water.
The motivation behind this generous gesture was not only to express appreciation for the officers’ tireless efforts but also to ensure their well-being as they work long hours to enforce compliance with motorcyclist regulations.
Speaking at the donation event held at Vamoma, Sinkor, on Friday, May 31, 2024, Madam Kollie emphasized the importance of acknowledging the dedication of the police force and providing support where possible.
In appreciation of the kind gesture, Police Inspector General Gregory Coleman expressed profound gratitude for Kollie’s initiative, highlighting its significance in maintaining order and promoting safety within the country. IG Coleman further elaborated on the importance of the ongoing enforcement efforts, particularly targeting motorcyclists, who are involved in a significant number of accidents and criminal activities. He underscored the positive impact of such initiatives in reducing incidents and ensuring the safety of both officers and civilians.
The feeding exercise, organized by Madam Kollie and her team, is expected to benefit officers stationed at key checkpoints such as ELWA Junction, Central Monrovia, and Freeport. This act of kindness not only nourishes the bodies of those who serve the community but also serves as a symbol of unity and appreciation for their unwavering commitment to public safety.

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